My Own Cash Money

Yes, I’ve been remiss, but the first step to getting back on track is to post something…anything…so here’s the first of a few new acquisition lists. Tonight, physicals CDs I spent actual currency to buy. And that’s why I include the price and where I bought them. Who’d a thunk that in a land sadly devoid of real record stores, CVS would be a place to get a good deal on an AC/DC CD?!

DEADMAU5 – 4×4=12 (Mau5trap) Best Buy, $7.99

CHIMES OF FREEDOM- The Songs of Bob Dylan (Fontana) Starbucks, $14.95 I bought the physical version, but later requested (and got; to be tallied later)  the full enchilada digital version (same price!) which has over 50 songs!

AC/DC – Back in Black (Columbia) CVS, $5.99

INGRID MICHAELSON – Human Again (Cabin 24 Records)  – “deluxe edition” with four bonus tracks (technically, a gift for Post Grad Girl, but I get to keep the music, too)   Best Buy, $9.99

WIND DOWN – Various Artists  (HEAR) Starbucks, $12.95

PAUL McCARTNEY – Kisses on the Bottom (MPL Communications)  Target, $11.99

FUN. – Some Nights (Fueled by Ramen)  Best Buy, $7.99

All of the following came from a CD Cellar visit, earlier today:

The AVETT BROTHERS – Live, Volume 3 (American Recordings)  $8.99

SINEAD O’CONNOR – How About I Be Me (And You Be You)? (One Little Indian)  $12.99

NEW YORK PHILHARMONIC – Sweeney Todd In Concert (NYP Special Editions)  $1.99

KELLY CLARKSON – Stronger (19/RCA)  $1.99

DIDO – Safe Trip Home (Arista)  $1.99

PEARL JAM – Dissident #2 (Epic)   $1.99 – 8 tracks live, part of a set that goes into a spiffy digipack

The PACK, a.d. – Unpersons (Mint Records)  $1.99 – Canadian import, advance.

BLACK KEYS – Mojo Compilation (MOJO) – June 2011 release, free with MOJO magazine, but it cost me $3.99.  15 tracks in total, 5 by the Black Keys themselves

The ROYAL CHAINS – Bear Island –  (Merrifield Records) – From the freebie table, cute pencil drawing of a bear playing a ukulele on the cover

16 for today

taking the O/CD Tally so far here/this year: 29


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