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Amnesty or Avalanche?

Realizing how extremely behind I am in tracking all the music I’ve collected over the year so far, I considered declaring amnesty and just starting fresh from today, with a promise to do better. But then I realized that I have virtual paper scraps scattered within my computer files where I’ve been compiling lists of music with the best of intentions to tally. Seems a shame to waste them all, so I’ve pulled them into categories and will proceed with a barrage of titles, some with explanation, some not.

Today, we have the My Own Cash Money group, perhaps the most telling category in that I had to have some genuine interest in the artist or material to bother to open my wallet for it. So, let’s do this thing!

COUNTING CROWS – Underwater Sunshine (or What We Did On Our Summer Vacation) (Tyrannusaurus Records)

ELVIS – The Very Best of Love (Sony/BMG) No second name necessary, thankyouverymuch. Having recently attended my first Elvis Festival, since Recent Grad is dating an Elvis Tribute Artist (the use of the word “impersonator” is frowned upon), I realized that I needed access to cuts like “Suspicious Minds” and “Burning Love.” (CVS, $5.99)

FEIST – Let It Die (Arts & Crafts)  On the last trip to Toronto, to watch Youngest Girl graduate, I didn’t get to one of the main music chains, but a visit to a big used book store with a room of CD and LP offerings netted me this. While this 2004 album has some songs I already know (“Mushaboom” for one), it’s all new to me, for the most part. I was late to the Feist party but her recent Strathmore concert has made me a fan. BTW, here’s a quick photo I grabbed near the end of the show, which had a strict “no photo” policy. Hubby said that a security guard was giving me the evil eye when he saw the little red glow of my lens (those with iPhones were getting away with it!) – I risk it because I love you…Image

Also from that shop ($5.00 each, BTW) CHILLOUT MIX – Various Artists (BMG) Because I need to learn how to chillout more.

GOYTE – Making Mirrors (Samples ‘N’ Seconds/Universal Republic) His real name is Wally, you know. And though that damn catchy song probably runs only second to Adele in keeping the music industry alive, I can’t say that the rest of the album shows any signs of a lasting artist. But then again, I thought Radiohead’s “Creep” was the start of a One Hit Wonder career…(Best Buy, $9.99)

NORAH JONES – …Little Broken Hearts (Blue Note) Not sure yet about this Dangermouse collaboration. I want her to grow, I think it’s great she’s stretching out with a cool new producer, but the Bad Girl thing (she’s downright threating on “Miriam”) doesn’t feel right. (Best Buy, $9.99)

MA-DUNCAN-MEYER-THILE – The Goat Rodeo Sessions (Sony Classical)

The NAKED BROTHERS BAND – If That’s Not Love (Nickelodeon/Columbia)  Two-track 2007 single, with sticker coupon for discount on the “upcoming” (in 2007) album. Besides having a soft spot for boy bands – and super cheap CDs, I saw the Wolff Brothers in concert and was impressed at their youthful skill. (Best Buy, 1cent!)

OF MONSTERS AND MEN – My Head Is An Animal (Universal Republic) By request of Post-Grad girl, who couldn’t buy it yet in the U.K. Once again, she’s first in the family to hit on something cool. (Best Buy, $9.99)

ONE DIRECTION – Up All Night (Columbia) In the battle of the new boy bands, 1D wins, hands down, as I will explain below. (Target, $11.99)

The WANTED – S/T (Mercury) The Target edition comes with “3 Bonus Tracks” which still brings the total amount of tracks only to 10. Turns out, when I popped it into the computer to rip it, it comes up as an EP. Anyway, in the current Boy Band Wars, my money’s on One Direction. “You Don’t Know You’re Beautiful” is much more summery pop fun than “Glad You Came” and, from the sort-of double entendre in that title to the brooding B&W pics in the CD, the Wanted are trying too hard to be hard. First rule of Boy Band – be cute, not scary. (Target, $7.99)

The POGUES – Rum, Sodomy & the Lash (Rhino) and If I Should Fall From Grace with God (Rhino) and Red Roses for Me (Rhino) and Hell’s Ditch (Rhino) If you’re not on the daily deal mailing list from SONY’s MyPlayDirect, think about joining. These four classic Pogues albums were $16.99, shipping included, just in time for St. Patty’s Day (that’s how far behind I am!).

SLOW CLUB – Paradise (MoshiMosh Music) Another Post-Grad Girl request.

RUFUS WAINWRIGHT – Out Of The Game (Decca) In which Rufus lightens up – except for the noir photos, where he poses with his usual diva artsiness. The song that’s sticking now is “Montauk,” a gentle charmer to his new daughter, in which he sings of her seeing her father “and your other father…” Check out photos and a set list from Rufus’ great July show at Wolf Trap.

SINEAD O’CONNOR – How About I Be Me (and You Be You)? (One Little Indian)

ROD STEWART – Every One a Winner (homemade) Actually, a home-made CD, nicely presented in a slimline case with a printed cover and 16 well-selected tunes. Since it was in the $1.99 section, why not?

REGINA SPEKTOR – What We Saw From the Cheap Seats (Sire) Quickly becoming one of the entire family’s favorite albums of the year. The New York Times Sunday Magazine had a terrific article on her a few weeks ago, full of revealing and sweet anecdotes. Trust me, you should look it up. (Best Buy, $9.99)

The SHINS – Point of Morrow (Columbia)

TRAPPER SCHOEPP and the SHADES – Run, Engine, Run (Good Land Records) Purchased at the show at Jammin Java, where the band opened for…uh-oh. I’m drawing a blank. Tommy Stinson?

Here are some thrift store finds, just $1.50 each

FLYING FUNK – Various Artists (Bluebird/RCA) Including Nina Simone, Jimmy Castor Bunch, Gil Scott-Heron, Lonnie Liston Smith appear in a collection stickered thusly: “Top stars and cult heroes come together in this sanctified freakout! From soul standards to funk fusion, these are the rare grooves from the late ‘60s and early ‘70s that led to the birth of hip hop.”

SIMPLY RED – Greatest Hits (East/West) Still sealed. The only person on the front and back cover is Mick Hucknell. So I guess the rest of the band can just go to hell.

CHRIS ISAAK – San Francisco Days (Reprise) Oops. Got home and discovered I have this already.

The FULL MONTY – Motion Picture Soundtrack (RCA Victor) “You Sexy Thing,” “You Can Leave Your Hat On” (Tom Jones’ version), “Land of a 1,000 Dances” and other disco/R&B hits, plus a pair of Anne Dudley (ex-Art of Noise) compositions.

LINDA RONSTADT – Mad Love (Elektra)

SADE – The Best of (Epic)

And some compilations:



The HUNGER GAMES: SONGS FROM DISTRICT 12 and BEYOND – Various Artists (Lionsgate/Universal Republic)

And so, with these 31 purchases, the new O/CD TALLY: 77


Happy Record Store Day!

Feeling the spirit of the occasion, I stopped by the CD Cellar in Falls Church, expecting a bit of a party vibe with extra energy, noise and – hopefully – swag. But, except for it being a slightly busier crowd than I usually see when I’m there (I tend to visit on weekday afternoons) there wasn’t much to convey that This Is a Different Kind of Day. So, I simply traded in my bag of unwanteds, got $20.15 in credit and spent $20.72 of My Own Cash Money on these…

The BEATLES – Please Please Me (Capitol) One of the few “green apple” reissues that we didn’t buy in the initial release. I figure if my FanBoy husband is going to play the Fab Four three out of five nights that he’s making dinner, I should give us both something to vary the fare. ($9.99)

ALABAMA SHAKES – Girls and Boys (ATO ) There were two copies in the bin – an open one with the white cover for $5.99 and a sealed one with the photo cover for $8.99. Naturally, I went for the cheaper one, but my pals at the cashier desk gave me the sealed one at the lower price (it turns out the photo cover is just a paper overlay). A frequent buyer bonus! ($5.99)

JONSI & ALEX – Riceboy Sleeps (XL) – Another disc in heavy kitchen rotation is “Dark Was the Night,” a benefit compilation for the Red, Hot and Blue AIDS group, and the Riceboy Sleeps track always calls out to us to listen to the full album. On the way home, I remembered I have this album as a digital download, and never got around to burning a disc for kitchen consumption. C’est la vie. ($6.99)

JOHN MULANEY – New in Town (Comedy Central)  I don’t generally buy a lot of comedy albums, but this guy has been a charmer on “SNL,” and I stumbled upon his disc when I started browsing a rack that I thought was singles. On the way home, I gave it a first listen and he’s living up to my impressions. Clever, but not cruel – a nice change in these nasty, F-bomb-ridden comedy times. ($5.99)

Speaking of singles…

BABYSHAMBLES – Albion Rough (Trade)  I have plenty of Libertines and Babyshambles music that I haven’t fully explored yet, but I liked the design of this single – lots of handwriting and it was only ($1.00)


$1.99 clearance section:

ADAM COHEN – Like a Man (Decca) Sheer laziness. His PR person sent me a link to download the album, but you have to pull the tracks one at a time and, much as I liked what I was hearing, I’d only done two. So, this slimline promo makes my life easier. I’m listening to it right now and, damn, if he doesn’t sound like a younger version of his dad (yes, Leonard). And that’s a very good thing.

WE ARE AUGUSTINES – Rise Ye Sunken Ships (Backbeat) A generic jewelcase advance (album released last August). Don’t know much about them, but I keep hearing the name, so…

KANYE WEST – My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (Roc-A-Fella)  Another album I have as a download, but this is the full commercial release, with the crazy illustrations. Kanye only occasionally entertains me, and I feel like I need the liners notes here, if only to find out which tracks are the ones with Bon Iver and other guests.

The SHOES – S/T (not sure) Paper cover with not much info in a plastic envelope. I was surprised to hear the band was back in action; curious to hear what time has done to/for them.



MERRIFIELD RECORDS: TWINS – various artists sampler (Merrifield)

And, because it’s Record Store Day and I love 7″ picture sleeves, I got these for 50 cents each (not being tallied, as it seems a bit of a cheat):

RICK SPRINGFIELD – Love is Alright Tonight (RCA)

GODLEY & CREME – Cry (Polydor)

Which means we add 11 to the rest and get a new O/CD TALLY: 46



Oh, Canada!

The hubby and I took a trip way north to see College Girl onstage and, since Toronto is one of those fabulous cities that has real brick-and-mortar record stores, I happily spent some time in one, browsing for stuff I didn’t even know I wanted and trying to discover new Canadian artists.

Since I wasn’t sure I’d have a chance to visit both the HMV and Sunrise Records stores near the hotel, I went with the latter, since I liked the independent store vibe. First thing I saw coming in was a rack of recent releases that also featured a vertical Row of The Recently Deceased – Whitney Houston, Davy Jones, Ronnie Montrose, Etta James (Cesaria Evora was off to the side on another rack).


On a happier note, I really dug the Joan Jett Barbie-style doll.


I was keeping to a pretty small budget so, after a lot of mixing and matching, I came home with the following:

SAID THE WHALE – Little Mountain (Factor/Hidden Pony) $11.99.  Genuine Canadian-made music. Drawn by the name (Noah and the Whale, anyone?), the cover (nice die-cut) and the vague sense that I had heard good things about them, I asked a clerk to tell me more about them and she ripped the plastic right off the copy I was holding to put it in a player, no obligation. The first quick listen made a good impression, as did a full album’s worth on the ride home. The Noah and the Whale echo isn’t as strong as a Mumford & Sons one, but that’s cool, too.
BELLE and SEBASTIAN – The BBC Sessions (BBC/Matador) $13.99. A double disc from the used section, with the second being a 2001 BBC concert broadcast from Belfast.
JOHN ADAMS – Naïve and Sentimental Music (Nonesuch) $9.99. Been a long time since I’ve heard new Adams (and this one’s actually from 2002) but we were big fans back in the BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music) days. Also listened on the drive home but can’t say it made a mark. Pastoral, somewhat drifty…
PATTI SMITH, KEVIN SHIELDS – The Coral Sea (PASK ?) $7.99. Also used, another 2-disc set, each one documenting a performance (one in 2005, one in 2006) of Smith’s spoken word tribute to Robert Mapplethorpe, with guitar accompaniment by the guy from My Bloody Valentine. I learned that after the fact, buying simply on the name/price/curiosity value and haven’t listened yet. Need to have time to really concentrate.
The FREE DESIGN – The Now Sound Redesigned (Light in the Attic) $6.99. There was a buy 3, get one free deal in the used section, so I chose this as the bonus, drawn by participants like Stereolab, Dangermouse and Kid Koala. A very strange brew of cheesy 70’s pop and self-consciously hipster knob-twiddling. It killed time on the road but appears destined for the trade-in store.
MUSIQUE VS. U2 – New Year’s Dub (Serious Records) 99 cents.
A trippy, beat-heavy 3-track take on the U2 hit with the DJ dude talking where Bono used to sing. Quite good, actually.

So, add these 6 to the rest and

YTD O/CD Tally: 35

My Own Cash Money

Yes, I’ve been remiss, but the first step to getting back on track is to post something…anything…so here’s the first of a few new acquisition lists. Tonight, physicals CDs I spent actual currency to buy. And that’s why I include the price and where I bought them. Who’d a thunk that in a land sadly devoid of real record stores, CVS would be a place to get a good deal on an AC/DC CD?!

DEADMAU5 – 4×4=12 (Mau5trap) Best Buy, $7.99

CHIMES OF FREEDOM- The Songs of Bob Dylan (Fontana) Starbucks, $14.95 I bought the physical version, but later requested (and got; to be tallied later)  the full enchilada digital version (same price!) which has over 50 songs!

AC/DC – Back in Black (Columbia) CVS, $5.99

INGRID MICHAELSON – Human Again (Cabin 24 Records)  – “deluxe edition” with four bonus tracks (technically, a gift for Post Grad Girl, but I get to keep the music, too)   Best Buy, $9.99

WIND DOWN – Various Artists  (HEAR) Starbucks, $12.95

PAUL McCARTNEY – Kisses on the Bottom (MPL Communications)  Target, $11.99

FUN. – Some Nights (Fueled by Ramen)  Best Buy, $7.99

All of the following came from a CD Cellar visit, earlier today:

The AVETT BROTHERS – Live, Volume 3 (American Recordings)  $8.99

SINEAD O’CONNOR – How About I Be Me (And You Be You)? (One Little Indian)  $12.99

NEW YORK PHILHARMONIC – Sweeney Todd In Concert (NYP Special Editions)  $1.99

KELLY CLARKSON – Stronger (19/RCA)  $1.99

DIDO – Safe Trip Home (Arista)  $1.99

PEARL JAM – Dissident #2 (Epic)   $1.99 – 8 tracks live, part of a set that goes into a spiffy digipack

The PACK, a.d. – Unpersons (Mint Records)  $1.99 – Canadian import, advance.

BLACK KEYS – Mojo Compilation (MOJO) – June 2011 release, free with MOJO magazine, but it cost me $3.99.  15 tracks in total, 5 by the Black Keys themselves

The ROYAL CHAINS – Bear Island –  (Merrifield Records) – From the freebie table, cute pencil drawing of a bear playing a ukulele on the cover

16 for today

taking the O/CD Tally so far here/this year: 29

First week acquisitions

Cover of "Velvet Goldmine: A film by Todd...

Cover via Amazon

Here we go folks, the first tally of new music for the new year!
BUXTER HOOT’N – self-titled
RILEY ETHERIDGE, JR. – Better Days (4-track ep)
MIREMONOS – Kaizen EP and “Jagermeister” single
LITTLE SCREAM – The Golden Record
A press zip file sent to me last year, which I found while going through unread emails.
This one is a 13-track freebie for the general public, with songs from IVY, GREAT LAKE SWIMMERS, The SUBMARINES, LADYTRON and PETER MURPHY, among others. Grab one for yourself here.

Target clearance $2.46. A gift for mom, but I’ll watch it first.

CD Cellar Trade-In Store  (credit given for two small bags of CDs and LPs)
FIONN REGAN – The End of History (Lost Highway)
$1.99 promo slimcase
BELL X-1 – Bloodless Coup (Yep Roc)
$1.99 promo advance
VELVET GOLDMINE – Original Soundtrack (Innerstate/London)
And I just have to add – when you open it, the back cover of the insert and the inner jewelcase insert (under the disc) create a photo spread of Jonathan Rhys-Meyers naked in his full-on, pale Bowie incarnation!
ELLA FITZGERALD – The Rodgers and Hart Songbook, Vol. 2 (Verve)
TRENT REZNOR/ATTICUS ROSS – The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (SONY)
Three discs in a nifty slipcase, but no liner notes or added info at all.
NEW FOUND GLORY – Not Without a Fight (Epitaph) $5.99
Actually a gift for Grad School Girl.


Just You Wait…

I spent a fun day filling out a database sheet with the info for 100 CDs that have come into the collection over the course of the year. As soon as I figure out how to add it in here, watch that official O/CD Tally number jack up. And that’s mostly physical discs;  just wait until I get to the digital deliveries! A few years back, I went into a frenzy of cataloging albums during the last few days before New Year’s Eve, just to see if I had made it past 1,000 albums for the year. And I did.

Not sure if I’ll hit the same landmark this year, but there’s only one way to find out…

Today, I’ll play it old school, with a list of 11 acquisitions from my favorite trade-in joint, The CD Cellar (I frequent the Falls Church location). As is typical in the last few days before payday, I gather up the promos I don’t like and/or stuff I’ve ripped to the hard drive if the packaging isn’t cool, pulled a few LPs that don’t meet Archive Standard (the music, not the condition), and headed off to cash in and peruse the racks. The one brand new CD  I bought, RADIOHEAD‘s “TKOL RMX 1234567” (TBD Records) (2 CDs, $9.99) may get stashed away as a Christmas gift (yes, I said it!) for hubby. (He rarely reads the blog, so no spoilage there).

The rest came from the $1.99 Clearance bins and, once I hit about seven or eight discs I was interested in, I kept looking until I had 10, to get the discount deal (10 for $15.99). The booty:

ART OF NOISE – “daft” (Universal/ZTT) “contains noise-shots recorded during the year Art of Noise spent taping up at the Zang Tuum Tumb Record label – 1983.” I was intrigued as I had never seen/heard of this release. Also liked the little logo on the back cover, with the motto: “Be Happy or Die.”

ANTSY McCLAIN and the TRAILER PARK TROUBADORS – Heroes Last Forever (DPR Records) McClain once recorded a song about a crazy woman named Maryann Meyers. How could I not support his further efforts? Also, kinda curious about titles like “Aunt Beulah’s Road Kill Overcoat,” “John Lennon as an Old Man” (that one kinda scares me, too) and “I Might as Well Be Talking to the Wall (featuring Lauren, 5 years old).”

WHISKEYTOWN – In Your Wildest Dreams (Outpost) Four “previously unreleased” songs from 1997. Ryan Adams – and a blonde guy – are pictured on the back cover, with a note that Whiskeytown’s “Strangers Almanac” is (was then) available. I’m a sucker for promo rarities.

The LA’S – Four-track single (Polygram) Three live tracks, including (of course!) “There She Goes,” and one studio track (“I Can’t Sleep”)  in generic plastic case.

JESSICA LEA MAYFIELD – Tell Me (Polymer/Nonesuch) Cardboard sleeve advance. I enjoyed the track that was given away as a free download (“Our Hearts Are Wrong”) and, upon first listen, I’m liking the others, too. Reminds me of Laura Marling, and that’s cool.

The FLAMING LIPS – The Soft Bulletin (Warner Bros.) Maybe I have this album already? Not sure but, since this one is a gold “CD-clone” (it says on the disc) advance, I grabbed it; just kinda like that it’s a different kind of promo.

THAT THING YOU DO – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Playtone/Epic) Unlike her father, Post-Grad Girl does sometimes read the blog, which means she might see this and know that, since this album is already in my collection, and she loves having her own copy of albums she loves….

MICHAEL BUBLE – (eponymous) (143 Records/Reprise) Having a sense of humor goes a long way in winning me over. Though my initial impression of Buble was dismissive, his classic appearance on SNL with Jon Hamm (“if you know a better place for fine pork products and champagne…”) plus his not trying to stop the Internet meme …Stalked by a Velociraptor, earned my admiration.* Revisiting his music, care of exposure by Post-Grad Girl, I’ve come to actually like his interpretations of pop standards and new tunes.  On this album (could be yet another gift, if I find out my mom doesn’t have it), he makes the mistake of slowing down “You’ll Never Find Another Love Like Mine,” but the rest is pretty good. It’s generally better when he swings rather than goes all ballad-y. Good arrangements, too, in the Nelson Riddle/Sinatra school.

(*The humor thing hasn’t worked for Josh Groban, though. I appreciate the comic turns he’s done on “Glee” and “The Office” but it doesn’t make his poperatic style any easier to bear.)

GLENN MILLER – Big Bands (Time-Life) I was sorting through the jazz collection the other day and was taken aback that I have limited Miller. This CD, being a basic hits collection, probably duplicates much of what’s already there but, as I said, I needed to make it to 10 and even a few new tracks make it a good deal.

CAMELOT – Original Broadway Cast (Columbia) Julie Andrews, Robert Goulet, even Richard Burton sounds reasonably good on this Broadway classic.

And so (until the database arrives) the new O/CD Tally: 16



The Return of the O/CD Tally

It occurred to me that the old way of doing the official O/CD (Obsessive CD) Tally generally gets in the way of my blogging at the original CPF site. I get hung up trying to decide whether to post lists or incorporate the titles into the general commentary and wind up doing neither. So, let’s try this – a dedicated place for nothing but the listing of albums – digital or physical, purchased, gifted or promos – that I acquire in the course of writing about/loving music. I’ll list prices for what I buy, link to coverage in the blog or at my various outlets if I write about the artists, and sometimes there will be comments. But basically, it’s just what it says it is – an Obsessive CD count. I do it for my own entertainment and you’re totally free to not give a rat’s ass.

Sunday, September 11  (of course, we never forget, but this is not the place…)

Borders is going out of business, and I am sad to see it go, but avoiding the 70-90% off bargains in this last week will not save the chain, so I played Culture Vulture and went out to see what the store had to offer…

FOOLS GOLD – S/T (I Am Sound Records)  Intrigued by the sticker (“The new band including members of Foreign Born, We Are Scientists, The Fall”) and the price ($3.00 from $9.99). And just tonight I see that the band has released a new album on, so I may catch up if this is catchy first.

J P CHRISSIE & THE FAIRGROUND BOYS – Fidelity! (La Mina) Who even knew that Chrissie Hynde had a new project? It’s dated 2010 and I got the deluxe edition (“2 Bonus Songs & Bonus DVD!”) because, at the 70% discount, it meant paying only $1.20 more. ($5.10 from $16.99)

THE GHOST OF A SABER TOOTH TIGER – Acoustic Sessions (Chimera Music) Sean Lennon and his girlfriend Charlotte Kemp Muhl released this album in late October 2010 through their own label, having recorded in their own home studio after releasing the more formal debut, “Jardin Du Luxembourg” earlier in the year. Lennon told Spinner that the album is supposed to convey to listeners the idea of hearing them alone in a living room: “It’s almost rough sounding, but hopefully in a charming way. It’s mostly acoustic guitar, some piano, some vibraphone.” I can’t say I’ve been knocked out by Lennon’s previous endeavors, but Beatlemaniatic curiosity never quite fades away. ($4.50 from $14.99)

SHELBY LYNNEJust a Little Lovin’ (Lost Highway) I have too many Shelby Lynne albums. After the spectacular not-quite-debut “I Am…” I’ve followed her pretty faithfully, hoping that maybe that musical lightning will strike twice. Even as I’m planning a rip-and-recycle binge on the last few discs, I couldn’t resist this one, on which Lynne sings the songs of Dusty Springfield, a kindred spirit in more ways than one. ($5.10 from $16.99)

HOW TO SUCCEED IN BUSINESS WITHOUT REALLY TRYING – 2011 Broadway Cast (Decca)  Hard to resist the bright face of Harry Potter on the cover and this one will amortize its “premium” price ($6.oo from $19.99) since my mother, brother and both daughters will most likely wind up with the tunes, too. BTW, Wikipedia just told me that Glee’s Darren Criss will succeed Daniel Radcliffe in the role of J. Pierrepont Finch for a limited three-week engagement (January 3–22, 2012) and then Nick Jonas will take on the role from Jan. 24 through July 1.

And so, the first O/CD Tally at this new site is… (drumroll, please) 5.