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Happy Record Store Day!

Feeling the spirit of the occasion, I stopped by the CD Cellar in Falls Church, expecting a bit of a party vibe with extra energy, noise and – hopefully – swag. But, except for it being a slightly busier crowd than I usually see when I’m there (I tend to visit on weekday afternoons) there wasn’t much to convey that This Is a Different Kind of Day. So, I simply traded in my bag of unwanteds, got $20.15 in credit and spent $20.72 of My Own Cash Money on these…

The BEATLES – Please Please Me (Capitol) One of the few “green apple” reissues that we didn’t buy in the initial release. I figure if my FanBoy husband is going to play the Fab Four three out of five nights that he’s making dinner, I should give us both something to vary the fare. ($9.99)

ALABAMA SHAKES – Girls and Boys (ATO ) There were two copies in the bin – an open one with the white cover for $5.99 and a sealed one with the photo cover for $8.99. Naturally, I went for the cheaper one, but my pals at the cashier desk gave me the sealed one at the lower price (it turns out the photo cover is just a paper overlay). A frequent buyer bonus! ($5.99)

JONSI & ALEX – Riceboy Sleeps (XL) – Another disc in heavy kitchen rotation is “Dark Was the Night,” a benefit compilation for the Red, Hot and Blue AIDS group, and the Riceboy Sleeps track always calls out to us to listen to the full album. On the way home, I remembered I have this album as a digital download, and never got around to burning a disc for kitchen consumption. C’est la vie. ($6.99)

JOHN MULANEY – New in Town (Comedy Central)  I don’t generally buy a lot of comedy albums, but this guy has been a charmer on “SNL,” and I stumbled upon his disc when I started browsing a rack that I thought was singles. On the way home, I gave it a first listen and he’s living up to my impressions. Clever, but not cruel – a nice change in these nasty, F-bomb-ridden comedy times. ($5.99)

Speaking of singles…

BABYSHAMBLES – Albion Rough (Trade)  I have plenty of Libertines and Babyshambles music that I haven’t fully explored yet, but I liked the design of this single – lots of handwriting and it was only ($1.00)


$1.99 clearance section:

ADAM COHEN – Like a Man (Decca) Sheer laziness. His PR person sent me a link to download the album, but you have to pull the tracks one at a time and, much as I liked what I was hearing, I’d only done two. So, this slimline promo makes my life easier. I’m listening to it right now and, damn, if he doesn’t sound like a younger version of his dad (yes, Leonard). And that’s a very good thing.

WE ARE AUGUSTINES – Rise Ye Sunken Ships (Backbeat) A generic jewelcase advance (album released last August). Don’t know much about them, but I keep hearing the name, so…

KANYE WEST – My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (Roc-A-Fella)  Another album I have as a download, but this is the full commercial release, with the crazy illustrations. Kanye only occasionally entertains me, and I feel like I need the liners notes here, if only to find out which tracks are the ones with Bon Iver and other guests.

The SHOES – S/T (not sure) Paper cover with not much info in a plastic envelope. I was surprised to hear the band was back in action; curious to hear what time has done to/for them.



MERRIFIELD RECORDS: TWINS – various artists sampler (Merrifield)

And, because it’s Record Store Day and I love 7″ picture sleeves, I got these for 50 cents each (not being tallied, as it seems a bit of a cheat):

RICK SPRINGFIELD – Love is Alright Tonight (RCA)

GODLEY & CREME – Cry (Polydor)

Which means we add 11 to the rest and get a new O/CD TALLY: 46