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Amnesty or Avalanche?

Realizing how extremely behind I am in tracking all the music I’ve collected over the year so far, I considered declaring amnesty and just starting fresh from today, with a promise to do better. But then I realized that I have virtual paper scraps scattered within my computer files where I’ve been compiling lists of music with the best of intentions to tally. Seems a shame to waste them all, so I’ve pulled them into categories and will proceed with a barrage of titles, some with explanation, some not.

Today, we have the My Own Cash Money group, perhaps the most telling category in that I had to have some genuine interest in the artist or material to bother to open my wallet for it. So, let’s do this thing!

COUNTING CROWS – Underwater Sunshine (or What We Did On Our Summer Vacation) (Tyrannusaurus Records)

ELVIS – The Very Best of Love (Sony/BMG) No second name necessary, thankyouverymuch. Having recently attended my first Elvis Festival, since Recent Grad is dating an Elvis Tribute Artist (the use of the word “impersonator” is frowned upon), I realized that I needed access to cuts like “Suspicious Minds” and “Burning Love.” (CVS, $5.99)

FEIST – Let It Die (Arts & Crafts)  On the last trip to Toronto, to watch Youngest Girl graduate, I didn’t get to one of the main music chains, but a visit to a big used book store with a room of CD and LP offerings netted me this. While this 2004 album has some songs I already know (“Mushaboom” for one), it’s all new to me, for the most part. I was late to the Feist party but her recent Strathmore concert has made me a fan. BTW, here’s a quick photo I grabbed near the end of the show, which had a strict “no photo” policy. Hubby said that a security guard was giving me the evil eye when he saw the little red glow of my lens (those with iPhones were getting away with it!) – I risk it because I love you…Image

Also from that shop ($5.00 each, BTW) CHILLOUT MIX – Various Artists (BMG) Because I need to learn how to chillout more.

GOYTE – Making Mirrors (Samples ‘N’ Seconds/Universal Republic) His real name is Wally, you know. And though that damn catchy song probably runs only second to Adele in keeping the music industry alive, I can’t say that the rest of the album shows any signs of a lasting artist. But then again, I thought Radiohead’s “Creep” was the start of a One Hit Wonder career…(Best Buy, $9.99)

NORAH JONES – …Little Broken Hearts (Blue Note) Not sure yet about this Dangermouse collaboration. I want her to grow, I think it’s great she’s stretching out with a cool new producer, but the Bad Girl thing (she’s downright threating on “Miriam”) doesn’t feel right. (Best Buy, $9.99)

MA-DUNCAN-MEYER-THILE – The Goat Rodeo Sessions (Sony Classical)

The NAKED BROTHERS BAND – If That’s Not Love (Nickelodeon/Columbia)  Two-track 2007 single, with sticker coupon for discount on the “upcoming” (in 2007) album. Besides having a soft spot for boy bands – and super cheap CDs, I saw the Wolff Brothers in concert and was impressed at their youthful skill. (Best Buy, 1cent!)

OF MONSTERS AND MEN – My Head Is An Animal (Universal Republic) By request of Post-Grad girl, who couldn’t buy it yet in the U.K. Once again, she’s first in the family to hit on something cool. (Best Buy, $9.99)

ONE DIRECTION – Up All Night (Columbia) In the battle of the new boy bands, 1D wins, hands down, as I will explain below. (Target, $11.99)

The WANTED – S/T (Mercury) The Target edition comes with “3 Bonus Tracks” which still brings the total amount of tracks only to 10. Turns out, when I popped it into the computer to rip it, it comes up as an EP. Anyway, in the current Boy Band Wars, my money’s on One Direction. “You Don’t Know You’re Beautiful” is much more summery pop fun than “Glad You Came” and, from the sort-of double entendre in that title to the brooding B&W pics in the CD, the Wanted are trying too hard to be hard. First rule of Boy Band – be cute, not scary. (Target, $7.99)

The POGUES – Rum, Sodomy & the Lash (Rhino) and If I Should Fall From Grace with God (Rhino) and Red Roses for Me (Rhino) and Hell’s Ditch (Rhino) If you’re not on the daily deal mailing list from SONY’s MyPlayDirect, think about joining. These four classic Pogues albums were $16.99, shipping included, just in time for St. Patty’s Day (that’s how far behind I am!).

SLOW CLUB – Paradise (MoshiMosh Music) Another Post-Grad Girl request.

RUFUS WAINWRIGHT – Out Of The Game (Decca) In which Rufus lightens up – except for the noir photos, where he poses with his usual diva artsiness. The song that’s sticking now is “Montauk,” a gentle charmer to his new daughter, in which he sings of her seeing her father “and your other father…” Check out photos and a set list from Rufus’ great July show at Wolf Trap.

SINEAD O’CONNOR – How About I Be Me (and You Be You)? (One Little Indian)

ROD STEWART – Every One a Winner (homemade) Actually, a home-made CD, nicely presented in a slimline case with a printed cover and 16 well-selected tunes. Since it was in the $1.99 section, why not?

REGINA SPEKTOR – What We Saw From the Cheap Seats (Sire) Quickly becoming one of the entire family’s favorite albums of the year. The New York Times Sunday Magazine had a terrific article on her a few weeks ago, full of revealing and sweet anecdotes. Trust me, you should look it up. (Best Buy, $9.99)

The SHINS – Point of Morrow (Columbia)

TRAPPER SCHOEPP and the SHADES – Run, Engine, Run (Good Land Records) Purchased at the show at Jammin Java, where the band opened for…uh-oh. I’m drawing a blank. Tommy Stinson?

Here are some thrift store finds, just $1.50 each

FLYING FUNK – Various Artists (Bluebird/RCA) Including Nina Simone, Jimmy Castor Bunch, Gil Scott-Heron, Lonnie Liston Smith appear in a collection stickered thusly: “Top stars and cult heroes come together in this sanctified freakout! From soul standards to funk fusion, these are the rare grooves from the late ‘60s and early ‘70s that led to the birth of hip hop.”

SIMPLY RED – Greatest Hits (East/West) Still sealed. The only person on the front and back cover is Mick Hucknell. So I guess the rest of the band can just go to hell.

CHRIS ISAAK – San Francisco Days (Reprise) Oops. Got home and discovered I have this already.

The FULL MONTY – Motion Picture Soundtrack (RCA Victor) “You Sexy Thing,” “You Can Leave Your Hat On” (Tom Jones’ version), “Land of a 1,000 Dances” and other disco/R&B hits, plus a pair of Anne Dudley (ex-Art of Noise) compositions.

LINDA RONSTADT – Mad Love (Elektra)

SADE – The Best of (Epic)

And some compilations:



The HUNGER GAMES: SONGS FROM DISTRICT 12 and BEYOND – Various Artists (Lionsgate/Universal Republic)

And so, with these 31 purchases, the new O/CD TALLY: 77